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Wasted British Youth

March 19, 2008

I was watching skins this week and my parents came in the room. So cringeworthy.

It was just at the part where a sex scene was beginning. My father looked less than pleased and my mother was down right disgusted.

In a poster for the show, Joe is wearing a top that says ‘ wasted british youth’. It did make me laugh.

My mum tried to ban me watching the show because she thought it would influence me. So I won’t be telling her that I’ve been in the room on a bed while two people where having sex intercourse on the floor right next to me!

The youth today is beyond influence from the media. The media does, of course, have some effect but watching an episode of skins or seeing someone famous do drugs doesn’t cause me to want to do the same. Never has. I’m sure that there are many others as well.

It’s the generation before us that’s to blame really. We learn from seeing what others are doing. We want to go out and get pissed because that what people at uni and at work are doing. Everyone lives for the Fridays and the one night stands and that slowly has worked its way down the ages.We like to act like we are ” grown ups”.

It’s not shocking to see a 14 year old girl, high on drugs and having sex because the power of not having sex before marriage is long gone. And with that goes the age limit if you ask me.

Everything is available to teens nowadays and people must be stupid if they think we wont try it. We are ‘rebellious’ kids after all.

The most important thing is that you should bring them up on the right foundations and teachings (as well as have some discipline in the household) and let them do what they feel is right.

Without that, you can only watch the horror unfold.

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