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Pro-Activ review

April 6, 2012


It wouldn’t be right for me not to review this old gem. While I haven’t used Proactiv in over two years now, I do have a few thoughts about it that I might as well share.

For those who have used it before then you’ll know all about the pros and cons. While it’s still not that big over here in the UK, at around £40-£50 for a set, you might as well know about it before you order.


Proactiv taught me the necessity of a daily skincare regime. I always used to have a face wash, lotion and maybe a mask or scrub anyway, but this made me realise how much using a designed set works for my skin. Obviously some sets don’t work because the ingredients aren’t kind to my skin, but for my super oily skin this set was amazing.

While most toners aren’t really necessary I found that every part of the Proactiv set was good for me. A lot of people felt it was too harsh and left their skin very dry but I think it was just right because the lotions always balanced me out enough.

However, as I was getting mine sent over by relatives in America, I never had a regular supply and oh wow my skin let me know it was missing Proactiv. I hated how bad I would break out without it and it kinda took a while for me to ween my skin off it. While I’m yet to maybe find a product that sorts out both my breakout and shine dilemma at the same time, I think I would rather a odd spot here and there rather than have skin addicted to one product.

Verdict: Worked really well for oily, spot-prone skin but your skin gets hooked on it and flares up like mad without it.

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