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Sudocrem review

April 13, 2012

This was a weird impulse try, especially since it only cost me £4.

Sometime at the beginning of last season’s The Only Way Is Essex, Chloe suggested using Sudocrem as a way of fighting acne and fading scars. An article soon appeared on The Mirror’s website talking about how the cream more commonly used for nappy rash was actually a pretty good spot cream with even Cheryl Cole revealing that she uses it. So eventually I gave in and decided to give it a try.


The cream is quite thick (hence it’s soothing qualities I would assume) but it is also really white. I literally makes you look like a ghost so it’s a cream that can only be used before bed.

I tried to use the cream on my problem areas for two weeks and I’m sad to say that I think it only added to my spots rather that decrease them.

I tend to get pimples not normal white pus spots. Something I think comes from my oily skin blocking up my pores and just chilling in a blocked state until I give in and squeeze it out. I reckon this cream is more effective if you have normal acne and it dries out and kills the bacteria of the spots.

Either way, after two weeks I stopped using this and just went back to my lovely Pan Oxyl Aqaugel and now my skin is back to just a few pimples rather the the outbreak I had last week.

Verdict: Not the one for me! A risky buy if you decide to try it out. Works for some but I ain’t on of them. However, I do now have a cream for when I cut or burn myself so no real money loss there 🙂

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