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Beauty Make-Up Reviews

Maybelline ‘The Smoother’ Primer review

May 24, 2012

So I got sent a free sample of Maybelline’s new primer – The Smoother and I thought I’d share my findings 🙂

I haven’t really jumped on the primer bandwagon yet and I feel like I should seeing as I have very oily skin and visible pores when I wear make-up. However, I am a rather poor student at the moment and money cannot yet be thrown around on expensive product that might not make a difference.

Let’s see how Maybelline did shall we…


So this primer promises ‘a retexturised, smooth feeling surface and a poreless look’ and this lil buba can be worn alone or under your foundation. When worn alone, I really did notice that my pores were much less visible than usual but as the day continued and the oilyness won over, my face looked as shiny and porific as usual. You really don’t need much of it at a time and it absorbs into the skin almost instantly.

I personally felt that the primer didn’t really make a difference when wearing foundation and that was a real let down. For me this primer would be great for those who prefer not to wear foundation everyday and would like help to create the appearance of smooth, dewy skin.

Verdict: While I wont be buying this primer anytime soon, it is a fab little buy for those who want the feel and appearance of smoother, softer skin.

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