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L’Oreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum review

May 27, 2012

Freebies are my friend at the moment and another little treat that arrived at my home is the new super serum from L’Oreal Paris.

Now I’m only 21 so I have no real reason to look at the youth code line of products…as my readers will also know I have very shinyΒ  oily skin so I also shouldn’t really be using anything that promises to make your skin more luminous, so this review is a little bit special…


The product comes in both a face cream and a serum and while I had the serum I do think it would be an amazing face cream. The serum was light and dry oilish as most are and it definitely made my skin glow instantly. It has so much vitamin C in it that I don’t see how your skin couldn’t benefit from using it.

As expected my skin got too oily and very shiny but after a weeks use I truly felt like my skin was just a bit brighter.

Verdict: This perfect for anyone with dull skin who needs a little lift πŸ™‚

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