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Beauty Nails Reviews Scent Very Impressive Products (V.I.P)

V.I.P: CK One Summer scented nail polish review

November 25, 2013

When I first heard about Calvin Klein releasing their limited edition scented polishes, I kinda brushed it off as a fun but unnecessary new release.

But then when I saw one at a beauty sale, I thought why not get a polish laced with the infamous CK One Summer scent?

ck one summer scented nail polish

Review: The CK One limited edition long wear + shine nail color collection was my must-have this summer and I was so happy to nab one in Current so I could begin a love affair with my sexy scented manicure.

ck one summer nail polish

For the ladies who love have a body cream and shower gel that all match your current scent, you’ll be in heaven with this product.

Okay, you have to let it dry out for a bit before the fruity musky scent kicks in but when you do get it whiff, it’s worth it. I literally ran round making everyone sniff my lovely mani.

I can happily admit that a scented polish doesn’t really bring much more to your mani but that’s where the actual colour and longevity of the polish comes in.

I love how chunky the brush is because just one coat is enough to give your nails full coverage but, naturally, two coats will help you get the full effect. And it stays chip free for days so it’s totally worth it.

Verdict: I can only hope that other brands chose to mix their famous scents into their nail polishes because the day I can have a mani that smells like Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Classique’… well I will just be on Cloud Nine for eternity.

ck one summer scented nail polish

Are you a fan of the scented mani? Did you manage to give the CK One polishes a try?




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