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Article Fitness

Would you want pole dancing lessons from Nicole ‘The Pole’ Williams?

December 15, 2013


Cause I definitely would.

The things that girl can do on a pole is just as amazing as some of the routines we see gymnasts do at the Olympics. Yes I said it. It’s definitely on Cirque du Soleil levels at the very least. A bit like Cirque du Pole (hah).


If you don’t believe me then just have a look at her “audition” to star in Rihanna’s infamous Pour It Up video.

And to think Rihanna only featured her a couple of times in the actual vid.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this hilarious video of Nicole giving a pole dancing lesson to comedian Loni Love  on The Ellen Show and thought you might want to have a look. Enjoy.

Someone fly me out to the States so I can go to her class just one time. What I would give to have her arm strength!

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