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Clearasil daily clear vitamins and extracts range review

March 9, 2014

So many skincare brands are have cottoned on to the fact that consumers are all about natural ingredients in our skin care.


And I was pretty interested in the new Clearasil vitamins & extracts range because, with other product I had given a try failing to make an impact, I was intrigued to see if the new formula could actually be any different.

The range promises to ‘help maintain clear skin you need a daily cleansing routine, using a balance of effective cleansing and kind to skin ingredients.’



Daily Clear Superfruits refreshing scrub –  Okay so this is from the ‘Superfruits’ range but I used them all around the same time so might as well give it a review as well. This scrub has a blend of cranberry and raspberry extracts which have great antioxidant properties without being to harsh on the skin. Plus the addition of Vitamain B3 always helps. A nice scrub but nothing special compared to others I’ve used.

Daily Clear vitamins and extracts scrub – Made with avocado, pomegranate and Vitamin E amongst other things, this is a great everyday face scrub that is just about grainy enough to give you a good deep clean. After two months of use, I can definitely say this will become one of my in-betweeners.


Daily Clear vitamins and extracts wash and mask – Out of all three products, this is the most ineffective for my skin because it is simply too gentle. The mask doesn’t penetrate as deep as I like them too and using it as a face mask did little to keep my spots at bay.


Daily Clear vitamins and extracts cleansing wipes –

Formulated with Apple, extract Vitamin B3 they gently cleanse to help remove oil, dirt and impurities, whilst caring for your skin.

Verdict: While these products aren’t going to become my ‘be all and end all’ when it comes to looking after my skin, they really are a great range for all skin types. Powerful enough to keep my oily skin slightly less shiny but I’m also sure that it still caring enough for more sensitive skin tones. 

You can shop the range at Boots, Superdrug and most other stores.

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