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Health Reviews

What sup? Nu-Tri Foundations multivitamins review

September 10, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I never get enough of the vitamins and nutrients that I should in my daily diet.

This is partly because I’m not a big fan of vegetables, and partly because I am lazy AF. I won’t lie to you, I could try harder!

While I know taking multivitamins as a replacement is NOT something you should rely on, I don’t think it hurts to take supplements as you work to change your diet and lifestyle to ensure you one day get it all from your everyday meals.

So I’m gonna do a little series of reviews about the many vitamins and supplements I’ve tried and tested so you don’t have to. Together we can cheat our way to good health πŸ˜‰


I stumbled upon the Healthspan Nu-Tri Foundations supplement pack while working in the Cosmo UK offices and thought it looked pretty perfect.

The pack is described as “an advanced, convenient all-in-one solution to ensure that you at least get the β€˜daily essentials’.”

I was already won over by the fact that pack comes with your ‘big three’ for each day –Β omega 3, pro live cultures and a premium multivitamin. The company has coined them the β€˜pillars’ of good nutrition.

I chose to take the live culture in the morning (seeing as that’s when I would usual drink an Actimel or similar products), the multivitamin in the afternoon to give me a boost and then the omega 3 at night so that the benefits can continue working while I sleep.

I have no clue if it makes any difference to how it works but I definitely got comfortable with that routine.

What was really handy was the fact the pills were in daily strips so you could keep on top of whether you have taken your pills for the day. And if like me, you don’t take them all at once in the morning, you could rip off your day and pop it into your handbag.

The pack lasted for four weeks and I don’t know if I really was any healthier but I definitely felt good. Β Now I’ll try and channel that good feeling into making myself eat more greens and fruit so I have no need for the supplements.

Verdict: Basically the perfect supplement pack to help you get all your essentials on a daily basis. I LOVE IT.

Sadly, it appears these pills are no longer for sale but there’s no reason why you can buy version of the three pillars and take them together to recreate this pack!

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