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Saving Africa’s Witch children

November 14, 2008

When I first saw the advert, I wanted to cry. This show was based in my motherland of Nigeria, shame was already filling my soul.

So Wednesday night came along and I sat down ready to watch the horrors unfold and maybe blog for others to watch and support any one who is helping these children.

But I couldn’t watch it properly. I just couldn’t. We all know that there are societies that still do this kind of thing but I NEVER thought it would happen in such a a big area of Nigeria. Never.

The Niger Delta is full of problems but that gives them no excuse to do this to their children.

The first time I changed the channel was when they were showing the ‘scenes’ in the church on tallying nights. As a Christian, I was just so disturbed. This wasn’t anything like my religion. This was an african tribe who (to be far did have christianity opposed on them during slavery) had just adapted Christianity to fit in with their tribal beliefs. This was  tribal superstitions and practices hiding under the cloak of christianity. Paganism to the fullest extreme.

So I changed it back to channel 4 in time to see the ‘bishop’ talking about how he ‘casts out’ demons. First, who told him he was a bishop? Second, where in the bible does it say that you use alcohol, african mercury and YOUR OWN BLOOD to cast out a demon? Third, who gives you the right to charge people money?

He was a witch doctor using my religion, using the helplessness of his people in poverty to profit himself. Again, I changed the channel when he started putting that mud in the little boy’s eye. I didn’t want to witness his witchcraft. I always used to mock my mum about her reactions to Lord Voldermort in Harry Potter but on Wednesday night i started to understand what she meant. But she is still overacting about Lord Voldermort.

Again, i went back for another round. As we were introduced to Helen Ukpabio, the ‘prophetess’ who ran ‘Liberty foundation Gospel Ministries’. A church that needs to be found and shut down IMMEDIATELY.

Her ‘testimony’ was that she was a child witch at 14 and was saved at 17. she decided to make a film that would help show the dangers of witch children. What actually happened is that she created a fear in the minds of more people than ever leading to the abuse and murder of innocent children. That film was a form of propaganda, a way to make people believe something that isn’t true.

It has been a bad week for children. The case of the little girl whose own mother pretended to have her kidnapped for money, the death of Baby P, the stabbing of the two toddlers in Manchester! And all the other stories that we didn’t get to hear. The child slavery, the sex traffiking and the horrendous stories of poverty.

But what we saw on channel was probably the most disturbing thing i will ever see. Never didi i thing the day would come when I would learn that people were hurting torturing innocent children in the name of Jesus.

Channel 4 gave a number for you to call if you would like to help. 08456 041 444.

As a Nigerian myself, I will be telling doing all i can for the rest of my life to make sure this stops happening in my nation. All i can do is pray that all the children who have died are resting in heaven and all those still alive are able to go the SSN and able to move on with their lives.

And all those so-called priests get all punishment that they deserve, but with such a corrupt and uncaring government, i doubt it will happen on this earth.

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