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Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference review

April 5, 2012

My mum has been using Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Special Moisture Formula since its launch and her skin is pretty damn good. So I thought I would jump on the train with mama and give it a go. Mum kinda cheats and uses the body lotion as an all in one face and skin cream but I found that while the body lotion is light, it did make my skin a little bit oily. Understandable as it is for moisturising the skin! So I was walking around in Debenhams and saw that the cream complex for the face was on offer. Obviously the gods wanted me to try this out!

Review: So the Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex has a nice long title for a simple face cream. It promises to give you better looking skin in 21 days and it does. My skin was glowing, healthy and lovely. I seriously think that my spot scars were fading a little bit and my skin tone seemed much more even. But for me, the oily skin thing was a problem, AS ALWAYS! Should have guessed from the body lotion (which it turns out is actually lighter than the face cream) and theΒ descriptionΒ of the product:

A rich emollient moisturising cream that penetrates deep into the skin for full effect and helps your skin build an inner moisture reserve.

Ideal for dry skins that want a luxurious feel. Tests have shown a significant reduction in the appearance of fine dryness lines and a dramatic improvement in skin’s appearance in 14-21 days.Β 

See I didn’t read up about it before I bought it, just went with the brand and the fact mum uses it. It is aimed at older, dry skin but I still think it can be used at any age. It’s just not ideal for someone with oily skin. So alas, my search continues. But when I’m older and hopefully shine-free, I will be coming back to this beauty.

Verdict: Amazing face cream that does exactly what it says on the tin. Just not ideal if you have oily/combination skin!

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