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My experience at the Trevor Sorbie x KeraStraight launch party

November 12, 2014


About a week ago, I was able to attend the lovely launch of the partnership between KeraStraight and Trevor Sorbie in Covent Garden. While it has taken me far too long to get this post up, I can promise you that this is a brand that you need to get to know about ASAP.

KeraStraight Trevor Sorbie Lookfanastic 2014 - 9755

When someone like Trevor Sorbie – who has over 50 years of experience in the hairdressing field – gets behind a product then you know it’s going to be good.

And the demonstrations I saw throughout the night proved that to be very true. We all know keratin is the IT thing in the hair world right now and while I haven’t tested it on my hair just yet, nothing has made me want to more than hearing about KeraStraight.

KeraStraight Trevor Sorbie Lookfanastic 2014 - 9753

I’ve read so many articles, blogs and social media posts that say how great keratin is but I’ve always wondered whether there is any point using it on relaxed hair.

Thankfully, I wasn’t given the usually vague reply that ‘it works on all hair types’.

KeraStraight Trevor Sorbie Lookfanastic 2014 - 9647


Instead I learnt a lot about my afro hair type and told what KeraStraight can and can’t do for me. I also learnt the way our strands are naturally prone to breakage no matter what we do and instead of getting me to do the 30 minute treatment or take home loads of products, they honestly told me what would be of use for my daily life and suggested exactly which treatments I should use on my hair.


Hopefully I can go and get the full blown treatment done and see the effects it has on my hair but until then I am more than happy to use their lush KeraStraight Ultimate Oil to keep my locks moisturised.

It smells like a fragrance and is not too light (like Jasmine oil) but not too thick for daily use. The oil has a blend of 9 specialised oils, targeting four vital areas for your hair; nourishment, repair, hydration and shine.


The products are available now at so you can get your hands on them with ease. What more could you want?

Check out all the snaps from the launch below…


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