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My experience at the PhD Woman protein breakfast

March 31, 2015

I have always been THAT skinny girl. The one who eats junk food, never steps foot in the gym and just thanks my lucky stars that I was blessed with a fast metabolism.

But as I’m getting older and the world around me is more and more health/fitness conscious, it has become clear that my way of life is gonna come and bite me in the butt later on.

I’ve been saying for about three years now that I’m going to slowly add exercise and healthy food into my life, but it’s easier said than done.


So when work offered a challenge that would force me to adjust my diet and work out HARD with the help of a personal trainer, I saw this as a chance to kick start the changes I’d been planning to make.

I’ll write about the challenge in a later post, but I wanted to quickly tell you about a fun morning I had the other day thanks to the folk at PhD Woman.


Making my way to Dance Works studio, I joined a 9am talk and HIIT class to learn a bit more of how protein can help make your workouts ten times more effective.

First, Chris Spearman gave some helpful tips about ensuring you get as much protein as you can through your actual daily meals.

PhD-woman-Protein-PancakesBut he confirmed that shakes are best before and after you exercise, purely because it is much easier to digest in that form and means it helps your recovery much faster than a meal would.

Then Sian Toal put us through our paces with a great (but exhausting) workout that totally wiped me out in a best way.

After sweating our little butt’s off, we were treated to a yummy breakfast including protein muffins, chocolate protein pancakes, berries, bacon and of course, some protein shakes.


We were treated to a few goodies to take home and try and I have to admit my favourite thing it the fact you can have the protein shakes with just water. I find some other brand are a bit too thin but PhD have perfected the recipe. Especially the chocolate cookie and strawberry delight flavour, YUM.



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